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Rain gutters are very important to every home. Clean gutters route the flow of rainwater from a home’s roof and guide the rain to a downspout that will funnel rainwater from the base of a house and the foundation.

Dirty or damaged rain gutters will lead to several problems, some serious. Below are just some reasons to call a professional for gutter cleaning in Michigan:


If a gutter is obstructed and rain begins to collect inside, the rain will also start to pool at the bottom of the roof. This causes damage to shingles on a roof and can result in cracks forming. The cracks in the shingles can result in leaking from the home’s ceiling which could lead to leaking in the interior. To fix a damaged roof or cracked ceiling or flooring is an expensive project.


basement flooding is not fun at all. Obstructed gutters are a typical reason for a flooded basement. Rainwater will overflow from the gutter and pool at the foundation of the house right above where the basement is. Soon after, the foundation will wear down and rainwater that pools above the basement will start to leak into the basement. Sometimes this can lead to mold as well as mildew growth and will peel paint, carpet and other chairs and couches or decorations in the basement.


Pools of rain that damage or flood basements can also destroy the foundation of a house. A house with an unstable foundation is not safe to live in. Homeowners will also discover that to fix a home’s foundation is a costly expense and needed for any hope of selling a home in the future. House’s with shaky foundations almost certainly won’t pass an inspection.


Rodents and insects love sitting rainwater. If rainwater stays in a gutter for a long time, gutters will soon become home to rats, mosquitos, termites and other pests near your house. The issue will get worse if the pests discover a way inside of your home through the gutters. Professional gutter cleaning helps to eliminate any chances for a pest outbreak to occur.


Curb appeal isn’t the most important reason to clean gutters, but it’s the most visible. Debris that builds up in gutters oftentimes can be visible from the front of a home, especially debris that collects on the driveway. The overflowing rain will stain the siding of a house and deteriorate the appearance of roofing. Soon enough, a house with dirty gutters will appear uncared for from the exterior.


Another obvious problem that might occur from buildup and overflowing rain is damage to the gutters themselves. Organic debris and miscellaneous will soon corrode the aluminum most gutters are constructed of. Broken gutters can cause the same type of home destruction as clogged gutters and will need to be replaced with seamless gutters faster than cared for systems.


Professional gutter cleaning, rain gutter repair and rain gutter guard installation help to prevent these issues. These services will protect rain gutters and homes! Leaf Police is proud to serve Brighton, Hartland, Howell & more!

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