Gutters are an essential part to your roofing system and require regular maintenance to help prevent any possible damage to the foundation of your house. Rain gutters help to direct water away from the perimeter of your home but often times debris will seep into the gutters not allowing them to do their job. Here at Leaf Police we offer the most affordable priced gutter cleaning on the market. You can contact us for a FREE NO COST ESTIMATE AND AVOID GETTING LOCKED INTO ANY LONG TERM CONTRACTS.


As a compromise to having to continually hire a contractor for gutter cleaning, we also offer the service of gutter guard installation. Gutter guard is what we believe to be the most suitable way to combat against leaves and other debris. Not all gutter guard is long lasting and right for the job, here at Leaf Police we only install top of the line gutter guard rated highest in customer satisfaction.

Shur Flo

  • Rainwater from your roof drains through a perf-flow filtration system.
  • Leaves, pine needles, twigs and even the smallest debris are suspended on top of the panel. Air circulation from above and below allows the leaves and debris to dry up and blow away in the wind.
  • Shur Flo is installed to fit snugly to the top of your gutters. The low profile makes it virtually invisible from the ground.
  • With Shur Flo, there is no lifting or penetration of your roof shingles. Shur Flo will not void any roof warranties.
  • All of our Gutter Guards Installations include the Leaf Police Warranty.

Variations Offered:


  • As a variation of Shur Flo, we also install Shur Flo X. Shur Flo X’s contoured design promotes air circulation from above and below. Dry leaves will blow away with a gentle breeze.
  • Shur Flo X is installed with a 10- Year product warranty and is available in White, Black and Mill finish.


  • Another variation that we offer in the Shur Flo family is Shur Flo Step Down. The Step Down is used to accommodate for a quick screw style hanger where the gutter guard will rest right above the hanger.


Additionally, we also offer minor gutter repair services including, fixing or reattaching sagging gutters, resealing cracks or leaks, adding or replacing downspouts and fixing drainage problems within the gutter. If you are thinking there is a potential problem or something you would like looked at, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience and we will get a contractor out to you within 24 hours for absolutely No Cost.


Is your house looking filthy? Is your siding or roof crawling with black and green mold? Don’t fret! Instead, call the Leaf Police to come out and professionally wash your home, making it look like new! Not only do we offer pressure cleaning services, but we also offer soft washing and roof washing as well.


Do you have old gutters that need to be replaced? Or maybe you simply have no gutters at all. If this describes your situation, give us a call for a free estimate on getting your home protected from water damage! Gutters are an essential part of every home in order to protect your foundation. Don’t wait any longer, get your brand new gutters from the Leaf Police!


Tired of having to rake up ALL of those leaves covering your yard? Say no more! Give the Leaf Police and call and we will get those leaves taken care of for you. Ask about our fall packages including gutters cleanings and fall clean ups!


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